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Instant rockstar Hemp rock revitalising conditioner  300ml

Hemp rock revitalising conditioner  300ml
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Instant rockstar Hemp rock revitalising conditioner  300ml

HEMP ROCK Revitalising Lotions - Conditioner

HempRock shampoo/conditioner is a clarifying shampoo. It is perfect for cleansing your hair and ridding it of any build up and also preparing it for use with our styling aids.

One of Mother Nature’s wonder products, hemp is 100% renewable and has been cultivated in China since 2,800BC. Fast forward to the 21st Century and its time to unwind and relax, your hair included. Instant RockStar HempRock lotions are designed to calm and revitalise damaged, stressed or treated hair. Vitamins, essential oils and herbal extracts act on hair and scalp to reinvigorate RockStars everywhere


Rockstar conditioner 300 ml