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EQ Dry Nappies Small 20pk

EQ Dry Nappies Small 20pk
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EQ Dry Nappies Small 20pk

by esbetilin

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I have been using EQ Dry Diapers on my baby since she was two months old. She is almost seven months old now and I must say that I am very satisfied with the quality of said diaper. I used a higher-priced diaper of exactly the same quality before I discovered EQ Dry, and I am just so glad that I found out about EQ Dry through my sister, because, really, for almost half the price of what I was using before and with the same quality, who cannot see the practicality?


EQ Dry has a breathable cover, meaning that my baby’s skin does not dry out even if she uses the product everyday. I only use two diapers a day for my daughter, meaning the product is really absorbent and brings to the consumers what it promises in its ads. Plus, I do not have to get up in the middle of the night to change her diapers since it lasts overnight, so I am greatly relieved of one of my nightly duties.

I love that it has colored prints in the cover to indicate if the diaper is full. It makes it easier for me to know if I need to change her nappies already. It is hypoallergenic too, which rests my mind about my baby having rashes. It;s like hitting two birds in one stone. That’s big, big savings for me, and comfort for my baby all day. What more can I ask for? For me, EQ Dry is the best diaper in the market!

Rating: 10