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Nak Blonde Leave-in Fortifying Treatment 250ml

Nak Blonde Leave-in Fortifying Treatment 250ml
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Nak Blonde Leave-in Fortifying Treatment 250ml

nak blonde fortifying treatment 250ml

Nak Blonde Leave-In Fortifying Treatment detangles, enhances and strengthens.

Wheat and soy proteins, silk amino acids and pearl powder extract re-mineralise, fortify and hydrate the hair shaft, improving moisture, condition and preventing further damage. Added thermal and sunscreen protectors safe guard the hair from daily use of heat styling and prevent colour fadage.


  • Increases moisture retention
  • Added proteins assist in repair
  • Provides thermal protection
  • Equalises porosity
  • Restores natural shine
  • Eliminates yellow tones

Use with all Nak blonde and blonde plus shampoos and conditioner

NAC provides its products for the care and styling of top quality that you normally do not encounter in most hairdressers.

This intensive treatment is designed for blonde hair, highlighted hair, bleached hair and gray hair. You will strengthen hair and hair fibers to the core hydrated so you radiate her back and recovering from treatments with styling tools faster.

Choose powerful and bright blond hair, order the NAK Blonde Fortifying Treatment online!

nak blonde leave in fortifying treatment 250 ml